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SARAS – e-learning solutions framework and the product suite developed around framework has successfully penetrated the international markets in corporations, universities& colleges, schools, publishers and governments. SARAS enables transformation of businesses into learning organizations, contribute in transition of organizations to provide electronic services, enhances the effectiveness of teaching-learning-assessment processes in educational institutions and provides newer revenue streams for publishers. The key attributes of SARAS are attractive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), quick Return on Investment (RoI) and rapid deployment of solution. The SARAS suite with its inbuilt power of configuration and orchestration of business services helps develop solutions in quick time.

SARAS’s architecture conforms to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) governance standards and enables Reusability, Extensibility, Scalability and Performance.


SARAS architecture provide a complete array of technology solutions that enables back-end content management, content development and delivery of content via web portals, open course websites and front-end delivery systems such as LMS.




Development - We are able to provide our services in developing SCORM compliant E-Learning content. Content development is can range from simple text based content to highly complex animated content. 


Library of Content


We also offer our clients a library of content of 173 courses ranging from of soft skills, sales, administration, engagement and MS Office applications. 

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