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We are Internet based technology company that is focused in the area of education. We specialize in providing our clients with solutions that fit their organization's learning and development needs. We provide services to corporations, universities and schools. We also partner with other organizations around the world when we feel that the organization has a distinc, valuable product that can be offered to the Malaysian market. 



We offer our clients a powerful SCORM E-Learning platform that can be customized to their organizational needs. The platform is a robust solution that is used by more than 25 million users world wide.  We also provide content development services and E-Learning consultancy. For more information, click here.



The Mastering English program is structured comprehensive online English program. It has more than 1300 hours of online content that has a thematic design to build your confidence through contextualization. For more information, click here.



We operate a powerful E-Learning portal for primary school children studying the Malaysian syllabus. The portal is called EDUKATE and provides students with multimedia lessons, e-books, test and assessments and provides parents with a weekly progress report. To learn more about EDUKATE, go to

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