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Our partners are an integral part of our success story. We collaborate with various organizations to bring the best of education to our customers. 

Excelsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Excelsoft is a world class e-learning technology company that has provides its services to more than 25 million customers worldwide. Their platform and technology is used by some of the most prestigious universities and publishing companies in the world. In Malaysia, the partner with Learning Orchard to provide the technology platform for EDUKATE.


ASTI (Association of Science, Technology and Innovation)


The Association of Science Technology and Innovation (ASTI) is an association of educators, scientists, industry representatives and individuals who are committed to advancing the role of the scientific community in inspiring the youth of the nation to join and excel in the world of science. ASTI also plays an active role in the teaching, understanding, and awareness of science, technology and innovation. EDUKATE has partnered with ASTI to provide ASTI with a platform to promote and highlight its programs and achievements. ASTI and EDUKATE are also working on programs that will challenge, encourage and develop the potential of students.




LifeAsha is a micro-help platform; uniting people and technology in realizing hope by connecting those who want to help, to those who need help. Our contribution is free - Our time unconditional - Our influence, hopefully life changing. EDUKATE supports LifeAsha’s micro-help projects – especially for those who need education but can’t afford – to give them a same playing level field with those who can afford.


Digital Malaysia


EDUKATE is supported by Digital Malaysia. Digital Malaysia is a government initiative headed by MDEC that supports companies in Malaysia that help bridge the digital divide and encourage creativity and innovation via digital technologies.

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