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Content Development for E-Learning System for The Securities Commission of Malaysia

We was awarded the contract to build an E-Learning system for SIDC (SC’s Training Division) in 2003. The SIDC E-Learning system (called SIDC e-train – was fully operational and linked to the CPE Tracker and allows brokers and other licensees to take courses online to gain CPE points for the renewal of their CPE license.  Later, SIDC has also awarded us the contract to develop web-based content for their E-Learning system. The project was essentially to convert dry text based content to more attractive e-learning materials. Some of the content pages are shown below. See Gallery


Scicom E-Academy- Online Training System 

Scicom is a leading call centre services provider in the region, supporting multinational clients such as Nokia Asia-Pacific. Given its focus on customer relationship management, the company places critical importance on training. It wanted to standardize training for its customer services representatives across client groups and the region in order to meet specific quality standards.

We custom developed a Learning Management System (including content management functionalities) that met the client’s training processes and provided integratability to Scicom E-HRMS for better training management and planning. The e-Learning solution provided an interactive platform in which maximizes learner retention and interest in the content. See Gallery was an E-Learning portal that was developed by a government grant (DAGS). The purpose of the portal was to build and student community and help local Malaysian students prepare for their examination through the provision of a revision module. The portal also offered students Multimedia Lessons that students used to help them understand subjects that were difficult to conceptualize. 


Through the system, we also launched the first UPSR and PMR exams online. Students from all over the nation participated in this trial exam (in 2001 and 2002) to help them prepare for their real exams. There are over 60,000 questions in the database for the students to use to practice. See Gallery


PMC School of Logistics

We designed the system interface for PMC School of Logistics. The system was meant to be used as a tool for synchronous and asynchronous teaching. The interface was divided into four main areas – presentation material, visual aids, key points and student notes. The lecturer could use this system to teach students in class, enabling him to access notes, multimedia materials and provide quizzes. See Gallery



We were asked to develop courseware for Std 3 students that would be used as a supplementary tool for learning Math and Science in English. We were also asked to build a prototype of content that they were thinking of developing for the Std 6 levels. See Gallery








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