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Learning Orchard Sdn Bhd is one of the pioneers of E-Learning in Malaysia. We started in early 2001 and we have built E-Learning solutions for goverment agencies, corporations, higher learning institutions and for primary and secondary students. We work with global partners to develop and implement world class products for the Malaysian market. We excel in the provision of technology in education because we have been single minded in our focus on this area of education. 

Murali Mano

Chief Executive Officer

Murali Mano has a BSc in marketing and management from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Southern Cross University in Australia. He started his career in the US in the San Francisco International airport in 1993 and returned to Malaysia in 1995. He was one of the pioneer members of the team that started Sapura Digital when digital mobile technology was starting to enter the Malaysian market. He then moved into internet technology when he worked with Cyber Village in 2000 where he was asked to build an E-Learning portal in the early years of the E-Learning in Malaysia. He and Ms Law Kam Kuan later bought over the E-Learning division of Cyber Village in early 2009 and launched Learning Orchard. 

Vicks Kanagasingam

Chief Marketing Officer

Vicks Kanagasingam received his BEng(Hons) Electrical & Electronics from University of Leicester UK in 1993. He has over 21 years of experience in the technology fields working for large mobile services companies and leading business development technology based areas. He has very strong experienced in sales and business development, as well as partner/alliance management, marketing and operations in delivery & support. He has been focused and is highly experienced in the Telecommunications & IT industry of ASIA Pacific.

Law Kam Kuan


Ms Law Kam Kuan started her career in the banking industry where she worked for Bank Pertanian (now known as Agro Bank). She then ventured into the Internet business and started a successful internet based technology company Cyber Village which was later listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). She later become the CEO of Cyber Village and headed the company until an MBO in 2009 where the management team of Cyber Village Sdn Bhd bought the Sdn Bhd company from the listed entity (Cyber Village Holdings) and it was at this point that she and Murali Mano bought over Cyber Village's E-Learning division to start Learning Orchard. 

Dr. David Ross


Managed distance education programs, developed and taught multimedia units, coordinated research projects and led the design and introduction of innovative learning programs in education and industry. Has  experience in developing course ware and strategies for the delivery of instruction in Distance Education, the use of multimedia in course ware design, creating interactive course ware, flexible delivery methodologies, and the emergence of blended learning delivery strategies for Universities and a variety of industries. Current interest is in the development of Edutainment programs and M-learning initiatives.

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