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Learning Orchard Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian based E-Learning company. We were originally a subsidiary of Cyber Village Sdn Bhd who has had more than 13 years of e-business implementation experience and successfully completed over 200 e-business projects worth more than RM 60 million with NO failures. In 2009, Murali Mano and Ms Law Kam Kuan (former CEO of Cyber Village) bought the subsidiary Sdn Bhd (which was Cyber Village’s e-Learning subsidiary) and renamed it Learning Orchard. The name is a vision of the company where education will bears fruit.


Our first E-Learning project came from a government grant (DAGS) to build an education portal for students in 1999. From that opportunity, we found that one of the strongest areas that the Internet was able to serve the community was in the area of education. We realized that there was tremendous potential in that area that was yet to realize its possibilities. So we set up a subsidiary in Cyber Village to focus on E-Learning.


Learning Orchard is a company that focuses less on the technology and more on learning. The technological advances are already readily available to serve the business needs. We realize that we don’t need to create new technology. We understand that what is really needed is for us to take advantage of the amazing technology that is available and translate that into a system with good pedagogical design that will meet the educational needs of students, achieve the learning objectives, enhance their learning experience and improve their performance.


We believe that good education can improve productivity, change mindsets, improve the performance of organizations and even transform a nation. Therefore, we do not take what we do lightly and are constantly looking for ways we can partner with technology and companies to deliver the best learning experience to our customers.

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